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There once was a farmer’s son more interested in beads than in seeds and an urban lass dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place for lovers of green and orange and purple. Their paths crossed, words and glances were exchanged, and within a week seams were sewn and dresses made. Creative lives were set in motion.

Wedding vows and jobs followed. Together, they drove an ice cream truck and later worked at Giorgio Sant’Angelo. Tom taught at RISD and Linda worked in visual merchandising. After a decade (which included annually costuming animated figures for the Christmas windows at Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue) the couple set out to make a few simple dresses for Linda’s own wardrobe—this would culminate in their first collection—and remains the inspiration for all those that have followed.

“Life is complicated, clothes should be simple” remains the essence of the TOM AND LINDA PLATT COLLECTION. Of the moment technology is wielded by a consummate craftsmanship founded on classical couture technique. Extravagant fabrics in irreverent combination, elemental line and form, exquisite innovative finishes, and lush and daring colour choices combine in an exploration of possibility in every garment produced.

At the office or the opera, a woman wearing TOM AND LINDA PLATT is assured an ease of elegance, a detonation of success, whether wearing a simple dress for day or a rarefied gown for evening.